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Legal Metrology (Weights & Measurements) - MRP Label Consultants

LegalMetrology (Weights & Measurements)  - MRP Label Consultants

Legal Metrology Act 2009

A Law which helps honest businessman to grow

Nagesh & Associates committed to the highest professional standards and strive to provide a comprehensive array of consulting services on PAN India basis.

Nagesh & Associates helps in full compliance of above law which has became mandatory for all business houses. This law has been created for protecting the consumer and making business organization to become accountable.

For every organization who falls under preview of this law has to get his name registered with authorities and than comply with law as per Act. For honest businessman, this law has helped them to counter unfair practicing business houses.

MRPLabels under the LegalMetrology (Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011)
Rule 6: Pre-packages must bear specified declarations
Pre-packed Commodity for sale, distribution or delivery must bear thereon or on a label securely affixed thereto, the following declarations:

The name and address of the manufacturer or packer or the importer.
The name, address, telephone number, e mail address, if available, of the person in charge of consumer complaints.
The name(s) of the commodity.
The net quantity of the package;
The month and year of manufacture / pre-pack / import.
The retail sale price of the package (MRP)
where the sizes of the commodity contained in the package are relevant, the dimensions of the commodity contained in the package and if the dimensions of the different pieces are different ,the dimensions of each such different piece.
Registration under Legal Metrology Act 2009

Registration is mandatory for the people who falls under the preview of this law.

This is first stage, if you wish to comply this law

Every manufacturer, dealer and repairer of weights and measures will require license from the Controller of the State [Section 23]. Failure to obtain license will attract penalty. [Sections 45 and 46]. Importers of weights and Measures need registration with the Government of India.[Section 19] Non-registration is an punishable offense under Section 39. Import of non-standard weights or measures is prohibited. [Section 20 read with section 39]All weights or measures, except cast iron, brass, bullion or carat weight, beam scales, length measure (but not measuring tape) and capacity measures up to 20 litre capacity, will require approval of model before manufacturing or importing. [Section 22 read with section 32.]

Registration for importing/manufacturing/packing of packaged commodities
Every importer, manufacturer or packer of packaged commodities will require registration under Rule 27 of the LM (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011. The registration may be made with rhe Director of Legal Metrology of the Central government or the Controller of Legal metrology of the State where the importing or packing is done. Wherever the registration is made, it is valid for the entire country for

»  All the premises of import or packing mentioned in the Registration Certificate
»  For the items mentioned in the Registration Certificate.

After Raid
For any reason, unknowingly, you have missed certain compliance and the material has been caught with officers.

We assist you to present your case with appropriate authorities and if charge sheet has been filed in Court,

We handle the case by representing in any area, preparing the plinth and helping the people for presenting appropriate documents.



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